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Since October 7, Houthi hijacking of vessels in the Red Sea and its drone and missile attacks on Israel have raised concerns about regionalization of the war on Gaza. What are the group's aims and how significant are the risks of further escalation?

Faozi Al-Goidi

This article was originally published by China-US Focus and cross posted on Afkar.

Jin Liangxiang

As Israel carries out a catastrophic military campaign in Gaza, it appears intent on pushing the residents of the coastal strip into neighboring Egypt. This has alarmed Cairo, which has resisted opening its border. But will it hold out as the death toll rises and pressure mounts?

Adel Abdel Ghafar, Hana El Shehaby

As the war on Gaza continues, China is increasingly positioning itself as a counter to the U.S. and Western European approach, emphasizing diplomacy and a need to address root causes of conflict.

Yahia H. Zoubir

The countries of the GCC have responded unevenly to the violence that erupted between Hamas and Israel on October 7, in part because of the decision by some to forge relations with Israel three years ago.

Sinem Cengiz, Betul Dogan Akkas

As Israel’s assault on Gaza rages on, the prospect of a regionalization of the fighting grows. Lebanon, in particular, remains the most likely point of escalation, even if the country cannot afford it.

Ibrahim Jouhari