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So far, the diplomatic response from states in the Middle East has not matched the severity of the crisis or the risks it poses to the region.  

Galip Dalay

Once embroiled in a competition for external influence in Libya, Türkiye is now adopting an inclusive approach that engages more of Libya’s rival actors.

Ali Bin Musa

The veteran president of Türkiye visited the GCC and returned home with a raft of economic agreements. But what are the broader implications of his trip and what do they signal for the next five years?

Betul Dogan Akkas

With great power competition on the rise and U.S. dominance in the Middle East in decline, regional states are diversifying their strategic partnerships. In addition to deepening ties with China and Russia, several MENA states have signaled their interest in joining groupings that are challenging the Western-dominated economic and political order.

Adel Abdel Ghafar, Yahia H. Zoubir

In this interview with Afkār, Turkish scholar Galip Dalay offers his insights on incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s most recent electoral triumph, what it means for the Turkish opposition, and for the country’s domestic and foreign policies in the years ahead.   

Galip Dalay

Türkiye is rapidly approaching its most hotly contested and consequential election in two decades. What has made it so, and what are the implications for the Middle East if President Erdogan, a leader who has loomed large over regional politics, suddenly departs the scene.

Özge Genç