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Over the past several months, universities in America and Europe have been at the center of protests over Gaza. So why have Arab universities been silent, despite their rich history of activism?

Mohammed Masbah

With Kuwait’s National Assembly now dissolved, can the newly appointed crown prince and cabinet progress on the emir’s reform agenda?

Dania Thafer

“We can now really speak about two Arab worlds: the Gulf and everyone else.” 

Tarik M. Yousef

Saudi Arabia has taken great steps to diversify its economy – Kuwait must follow suit.

Nasser Saidi

With the growing impact of militia groups on global security, a more sustainable policy approach to confronting them is needed.

Ranj Alaaldin

In recent years, several of the Middle East conflicts that raged in the previous decade have simmered down. But with the potential for relapse high, what can be done to prevent it?

Ranj Alaaldin