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As the UAE gears up to host COP28, questions persist as to the sincerity of the oil exporting countries of the Gulf in addressing climate change. They should be judged according to their actions.

Aisha Al-Sarihi, Abdalftah Hamed Ali

Thirty years after the PLO and Israel embarked on the Oslo peace process, Palestinians remain beholden to the broken structures it created. The only chance of moving forward is to renounce this terrible legacy of the past.

Mouin Rabbani

As a military coup in Niger threatens to destabilize its surrounding regions, the prospect of foreign military intervention only risks a larger catastrophe.

Yahia H. Zoubir, Abdelkader Abderrahmane

The Assad regime may be projecting an aura of power and authority as regional powers move to bring the Syrian state back into the fold, but many prickly issues remain unresolved between the regime and its neighbors that could still spoil the process of reintegration.

Ranj Alaaldin

A new oversight body could bring much needed clarity to Libya’s finances. But it also risks entrenching the problems it was set up to solve.

Michael G. Schaeffer, Tarik M. Yousef

A new governing council in Yemen’s largest province could push the country closer to federalization and an end to its nine-year civil war, or it could keep the country trapped in endless competition.

Faozi Al-Goidi