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In this interview with Afkār, Turkish scholar Galip Dalay offers his insights on incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s most recent electoral triumph, what it means for the Turkish opposition, and for the country’s domestic and foreign policies in the years ahead.   

Galip Dalay

Türkiye is rapidly approaching its most hotly contested and consequential election in two decades. What has made it so, and what are the implications for the Middle East if President Erdogan, a leader who has loomed large over regional politics, suddenly departs the scene.

Özge Genç

For years, anti-refugee xenophobia has been on the rise in Türkiye, which hosts the largest contingent of Syrian refugees in the world. After catastrophe struck both countries in February, matters only got worse. What will happen to this vulnerable population as Türkiye heads to elections in May?

Özge Genç

Elections in Tunisia this week produced the lowest voting turnout in the world. Is the country’s democratic project on the brink, and what can save it?

Larbi Sadiki

Israel’s new far-right government has already taken several measures to pressure the PA that do not differ much from the past. But the way it views the PA is different and could spell its end.

Omar H. Rahman

The elections held in the United States on November 8 were billed as the most crucial midterms in a generation. In a country deeply divided along ideological and party lines, the implications of such polls go well beyond domestic affairs. Polarization at home is seeping into Washington’s policy abroad, meaning that even congressional polls, once… Continue reading For Nations Abroad, U.S. Midterm Elections Are of Increasing Importance

Omar H. Rahman