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The Assad regime may be projecting an aura of power and authority as regional powers move to bring the Syrian state back into the fold, but many prickly issues remain unresolved between the regime and its neighbors that could still spoil the process of reintegration.

Ranj Alaaldin

The veteran president of Türkiye visited the GCC and returned home with a raft of economic agreements. But what are the broader implications of his trip and what do they signal for the next five years?

Betul Dogan Akkas

With great power competition on the rise and U.S. dominance in the Middle East in decline, regional states are diversifying their strategic partnerships. In addition to deepening ties with China and Russia, several MENA states have signaled their interest in joining groupings that are challenging the Western-dominated economic and political order.

Adel Abdel Ghafar, Yahia H. Zoubir

Iran has stood by the Assad regime's side for the past 12 years of civil war. Now that Syria is reentering the fold in the Arab world, where does that leave its stalwart ally in Tehran?

Hamidreza Azizi

The resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran has generated significant optimism that it can lead to de-escalation in the region’s many conflicts. That hope needs to be tempered, as the local actors doing the fighting will have the decisive say in war and peace.

Ranj Alaaldin

For years, anti-refugee xenophobia has been on the rise in Türkiye, which hosts the largest contingent of Syrian refugees in the world. After catastrophe struck both countries in February, matters only got worse. What will happen to this vulnerable population as Türkiye heads to elections in May?

Özge Genç