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Throughout the ongoing Gaza war, Qatar has emerged as an outsized power in attempting to reach a peace agreement—and has become a prime target for criticism in the process. 

Khalid Al-Jaber, Ambassador Patrick Theros

A string of coups across Sahel countries has shifted the geopolitics of the region, leaving it vulnerable to increasing competition between global powers.

Yahia H. Zoubir, Abdelkader Abderrahmane

“We can now really speak about two Arab worlds: the Gulf and everyone else.” 

Tarik M. Yousef

U.S. officials are increasingly critical of Hamas’s political office in Doha, but Washington relies on Qatar’s mediation with the group.

Ali Bakir

The ICJ ruled that Israel may be carrying out genocide and should take specific steps to stop. Without any change in Israel’s behavior, what can and should be done?

Djaouida Siaci

So far, the diplomatic response from states in the Middle East has not matched the severity of the crisis or the risks it poses to the region.  

Galip Dalay