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Years of war in Yemen have resulted in territorial and governmental fragmentation. Now rival banking authorities are further destabilizing the country’s economy.

Mutahar Abdulaziz Al-Abbasi

Experts from the ME Council and its network analyze the potential impacts of central bank digital currencies on MENA economies and the future of money globally.

Nader S. Kabbani, Tarik M. Yousef, Ahmet F. Aysan, Nasser Saidi, June Park, Rabah Arezki

Continued European Union aid for Syrian refugees in Türkiye and Lebanon is crucial, but it must include conditions to protect refugees’ rights and ensure long-term impact.

Özge Genç, Maysa Baroud

“We can now really speak about two Arab worlds: the Gulf and everyone else.” 

Tarik M. Yousef

Saudi Arabia has taken great steps to diversify its economy – Kuwait must follow suit.

Nasser Saidi

Iraq, Türkiye, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates agreed to collaborate on the ambitious Development Road project. ME Council experts assess the drivers behind the agreement and feasibility of the initiative.    

Ranj Alaaldin, Dania Thafer, Galip Dalay, Özge Genç, June Park