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Israel War on Gaza
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While conditions on the ground remain dire, the court ruling offers Palestinians a useful tool for mobilizing international pressure against Israel—perhaps the only path forward.

Omar H. Rahman

Amid deep public apathy that should have made victory nearly impossible, a snap election has brought to power the little-known reformist politician Masoud Pezeshkian. How did it happen?

Hamidreza Azizi

Israel routinely withholds PA taxes for purposes of political pressure. But amid the post-October 7 economic crisis in the West Bank, the most recent withholdings could finally lead to the PA’s collapse unless the U.S. intervenes.

Robert P. Beschel Jr., Michael G. Schaeffer

Throughout the ongoing Gaza war, Qatar has emerged as an outsized power in attempting to reach a peace agreement—and has become a prime target for criticism in the process. 

Khalid Al-Jaber, Ambassador Patrick Theros

Over the past several months, universities in America and Europe have been at the center of protests over Gaza. So why have Arab universities been silent, despite their rich history of activism?

Mohammed Masbah

“We can now really speak about two Arab worlds: the Gulf and everyone else.” 

Tarik M. Yousef