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Tokyo could significantly improve its global standing by allowing Saudi Arabia to join a tripartite project to build a next-generation combat aircraft.

Shigeto Kondo

While Qatar has developed its own relationships in Latin America, it also stands to benefit as a trusted go-between in diplomatic rivalries.

Tanner Manley, Leily Rossi

In response to crippling sanctions, Tehran’s new government is embarking on an expansive diplomatic offensive in the Global South to shore up its economic trade relations. But will it work as planned?

Nima Khorrami

The Assad regime may be projecting an aura of power and authority as regional powers move to bring the Syrian state back into the fold, but many prickly issues remain unresolved between the regime and its neighbors that could still spoil the process of reintegration.

Ranj Alaaldin

The veteran president of Türkiye visited the GCC and returned home with a raft of economic agreements. But what are the broader implications of his trip and what do they signal for the next five years?

Betul Dogan Akkas

Egypt is reportedly engaged in serious talks aimed at repairing its relationship with Iran, following the restoration of ties between Cairo’s Gulf allies and the Islamic Republic over the past year. But given their own fraught history and Egypt’s unique geopolitical considerations, a rapprochement between the two countries is not guaranteed.

Robert Mason