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In recent years, several of the Middle East conflicts that raged in the previous decade have simmered down. But with the potential for relapse high, what can be done to prevent it?

Ranj Alaaldin

So far, the diplomatic response from states in the Middle East has not matched the severity of the crisis or the risks it poses to the region.  

Galip Dalay

The spillover from Israel’s onslaught of the Gaza Strip is not only generating conflict in far-reaching places from Lebanon to Yemen, but is creating economic consequences that could affect the entire globe.

Faozi Al-Goidi, Oumeyma Chelbi

A major conflagration in the Middle East has loomed large since October 7, and each day that Israel’s onslaught of Gaza continues with U.S. backing, it becomes more likely.

Omar H. Rahman

Going after the region’s most essential diplomat is a mistake the Middle East—and the United States—can ill-afford.  

Omar H. Rahman, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Iran is using the latest war in the Middle East to advance its long-standing agenda. Can it be stopped without expanding the current conflict?

Ranj Alaaldin