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With Kuwait’s National Assembly now dissolved, can the newly appointed crown prince and cabinet progress on the emir’s reform agenda?

Dania Thafer

“We can now really speak about two Arab worlds: the Gulf and everyone else.” 

Tarik M. Yousef

Saudi Arabia has taken great steps to diversify its economy – Kuwait must follow suit.

Nasser Saidi

In this interview with Afkār, governance expert Robert P. Beschel Jr. discusses the significance of Kuwait’s April 2024 parliamentary elections.

Robert P. Beschel Jr.

Recent decades have seen Kuwait lag behind its Gulf peers along many economic metrics. Can a new emir and government help it recapture the initiative?

Tarik M. Yousef, Robert P. Beschel Jr.

Geopolitical polarization is providing an opportunity for GCC states to assert greater power and influence on the world stage.

Nasser Saidi