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For decades, the U.S. dollar has been the international reserve currency. With many countries now seeking an alternative, and BRICS adding new members, are the dollar’s heydays numbered?

Paul Dyer

In this interview with Afkār, governance expert Robert P. Beschel Jr. discusses the significance of Kuwait’s April 2024 parliamentary elections.

Robert P. Beschel Jr.

U.S. officials are increasingly critical of Hamas’s political office in Doha, but Washington relies on Qatar’s mediation with the group.

Ali Bakir

In this interview with Afkār, Özge Genç, an expert on elections and democratic governance, analyzes the results of Türkiye’s pivotal local elections held on March 31, 2024.

Özge Genç

The ICJ ruled that Israel may be carrying out genocide and should take specific steps to stop. Without any change in Israel’s behavior, what can and should be done?

Djaouida Siaci

In this interview with Afkār, Galip Dalay examines Russia’s changing role in the Middle East over two years into Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s recent elections.

Galip Dalay