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After losing ground in recent elections, India’s Modi will likely have to make policy changes at home but should have a free hand to stay the course in India’s foreign policy, especially in the Middle East.

Narayanappa Janardhan

An attempted putsch in Bolivia perpetuates the recent wave of military coups and thrusts the institution back under global scrutiny.

Yasmina Abouzzohour

Amid deep public apathy that should have made victory nearly impossible, a snap election has brought to power the little-known reformist politician Masoud Pezeshkian. How did it happen?

Hamidreza Azizi

Experts from the ME Council and its network analyze the potential impacts of central bank digital currencies on MENA economies and the future of money globally.

Nader S. Kabbani, Tarik M. Yousef, Ahmet F. Aysan, Nasser Saidi, June Park, Rabah Arezki

Israel routinely withholds PA taxes for purposes of political pressure. But amid the post-October 7 economic crisis in the West Bank, the most recent withholdings could finally lead to the PA’s collapse unless the U.S. intervenes.

Robert P. Beschel Jr., Michael G. Schaeffer

Despite pressing domestic and foreign policy issues, Iranians could stay away from the polls in record-breaking numbers in a sign of their disillusionment.

Shahram Akbarzadeh