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Iran has stood by the Assad regime's side for the past 12 years of civil war. Now that Syria is reentering the fold in the Arab world, where does that leave its stalwart ally in Tehran?

Hamidreza Azizi

Like many people in the region, Palestinians have been impacted by the past decade of regional rivalry and competition. So how does the recent restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran affect them?

Omar H. Rahman

With considerable strategic and commercial interests in the country, the two Gulf states fear further destabilization in Sudan. But what role has their involvement had in the current conflict and how can they help Sudan get out of it?

Jihad Mashamoun

Türkiye is rapidly approaching its most hotly contested and consequential election in two decades. What has made it so, and what are the implications for the Middle East if President Erdogan, a leader who has loomed large over regional politics, suddenly departs the scene.

Özge Genç

The recent outbreak of violence in Sudan has already taken a heavy toll on the country and threatened stability abroad. Middle East Council scholars offer their insights on what’s driving the conflict, the imperative to bring it to a swift end, and its implications for Sudan and beyond.

Nader S. Kabbani, Paul Dyer, Larbi Sadiki, Adel Abdel Ghafar, Sahar Khamis, Ranj Alaaldin, Dania Thafer, Faozi Al-Goidi

As a region, the economies of the Middle East and North Africa sit at the bottom of world rankings on transparency. With this affecting everything from levels of corruption to foreign direct investment and resilience to external shocks, countries in the MENA region would be best served by creating more transparency and sharing accurate information.

Robert P. Beschel Jr., Tarik M. Yousef