Michael G. Schaeffer

Guest Author


Michael G. Schaeffer is a former Libya Country Representative for the World Bank and former Public Sector Adviser for the World Bank in Libya. He has more than 30 years of experience in governance, decentralization, public finance, and public investment management, gained in more than 70 countries. He holds an MA in economics and an MSc in natural resource management from the University of Michigan.


Israel routinely withholds PA taxes for purposes of political pressure. But amid the post-October 7 economic crisis in the West Bank, the most recent withholdings could finally lead to the PA’s collapse unless the U.S. intervenes.
Robert P. Beschel Jr., Michael G. Schaeffer
A new oversight body could bring much needed clarity to Libya’s finances. But it also risks entrenching the problems it was set up to solve.
Michael G. Schaeffer, Tarik M. Yousef