Betul Dogan Akkas

Guest Author


Betul Dogan Akkas is a researcher on the Arab Gulf States. She holds a PhD in Government and International Affairs from Durham University. Her research focuses on foreign policy, security strategies, and political culture in the GCC states. Dogan-Akkas also explores the involvement of the GCC states in the Yemen war and Turkiye-GCC relations.


The countries of the GCC have responded unevenly to the violence that erupted between Hamas and Israel on October 7, in part because of the decision by some to forge relations with Israel three years ago.
Sinem Cengiz, Betul Dogan Akkas
The veteran president of Türkiye visited the GCC and returned home with a raft of economic agreements. But what are the broader implications of his trip and what do they signal for the next five years?
Betul Dogan Akkas