Faozi Al-Goidi

Junior Visiting Fellow


Faozi Al-Goidi is a junior visiting fellow at the Middle East Council on Global Affairs. He is a recent graduate from the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Qatar with a master’s degree in history.

Al-Goidi’s research interests include democratization in Islam, social movements and nonstate actors, along with conflict resolution. At the Middle East Council, Al-Goidi is researching Qatari-Yemeni relations.

Previously, Al-Goidi worked as a specialist in academic quality with the Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance at the University of Science and Technology in Sanaa, Yemen. Prior, he taught a course on social studies at Al-Jame’a School in Yemen. Al-Goidi writes for a couple of online Arabic outlets such as Hekma Yemeni, Ultra Sawt, and Sasa Post.

Research Areas

  • History
  • Arab renaissance
  • Social movements

Countries of Focus

  • Yemen
  • Qatar
  • Middle East

Other Areas of Interest

  • Nonstate actors
  • Conflict resolution


  • M.A., History, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, 2022
  • B.A., History, Sanaa University, Yemen, 2019.
  • B.A., French, Sanaa University, Yemen, 2012.


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Galip Dalay, Omar H. Rahman, Ranj Alaaldin, Faozi Al-Goidi, Adel Abdel Ghafar, Robert P. Beschel Jr., Tarik M. Yousef, Larbi Sadiki
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Faozi Al-Goidi
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Faozi Al-Goidi